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    From Our Campus to Yours

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    New Equipment, New Outlook

    Too often we find this industry is stuck in old ways. With old equipment and old mindsets that lead to broken partnerships, the trucking industry faces a massive problem. We believe in bringing back the respect and dignity that the indsutry once had, and that begins with our partnership with you. Let us show you how different we are, and earn your trust the way it's meant to be earned.

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    From Headload, to Expidited, to Blanket Wrap to LTL, we offer you every service you could need, and we do it without losing any time!

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    Service Map

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Unzip the Possibilities

As a premium LTL transportation provider in the marketplace, Zip Xpress offers service from Michigan to the West Coast, Southwest, Southeast, East Coast, New England -- 37 states -- and western Canada. The service to you through Zip Xpress is premium because it is quicker and safer than what is offered through larger LTL common carriers. Our 100-percent Air-Ride Equipped, asset-based carrier services are safer – as in gently, expertly handling your materials – because we don’t use the sometimes chaotic “hub and spoke” or intermodal systems that other LTL carriers do. This greatly reduces any unnecessary re-handling of your shipment during transport. Our drivers are all company employees we proudly refer to as our Road Pilots.


It all started when we realized there is a massive problem facing our country and its infrastructure.


So we had a simple idea: that we could ship truckloads better and more sustainably than we are.

Go Green

In an industry that has little to no sustainability standards, we knew we could do better.

Sustainable Transportation

We came up with a simple solution, to a growing problem: shipping LTL freight sustainably

What We Do

Want to learn more about the different products we handle and services we offer? This is the place for you. Click on the links below to learn about what we do.

From The Blog

Keep up to date with Zip and the LTL industry by following our blog!

Zip Xpress Makes Final Round in International Competition

What is it that sets a great leader apart? It is undeniable that in today’s competitive business world a CEO must contain certain qualities to be successful. But what it is that makes a good CEO into a great CEO? Arguably certain qualities such as courage, decision-making, and the ability to manage, are vitally important

Jul 17, 2014 Admin

Haworth – Helping us Redefine the Meaning of Sustainability

The oh-so-familiar beep of the phone lines rang through my office Tuesday. I had begun to become accustomed to the buzz, and listen only for my name to follow when my phone’s speakers ignite. There was a breathless pause, and then I heard something I was not used too. All the phones in the office

Jul 07, 2014 Admin

Driver Shortages

Without trucking, where would we be? The answer seems a little frightening doesn’t it. Yet the industry as a whole is gaining a reputation that makes it unappealing to new drivers. We now have an industry that is vital to the country, and it’s quickly gaining a reputation that makes it undesirable. So how do

Jul 06, 2014 Admin

Unzip the Possibilities, and learn about what makes us a one-of-a-kind LTL carrier

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