As a premium LTL transportation provider in the marketplace, Zip Xpress offers service from Michigan to the West Coast, Southwest, Southeast, East Coast, New England -- 37 states -- and western Canada. The service to you through Zip Xpress is premium because it is quicker and safer than what is offered through larger LTL common carriers. Our 100-percent Air-Ride Equipped, asset-based carrier services are safer – as in gently, expertly handling your materials – because we don’t use the sometimes chaotic “hub and spoke” or intermodal systems that other LTL carriers do. This greatly reduces any unnecessary re-handling of your shipment during transport. Our drivers are all company employees we proudly refer to as our Road Pilots.
Undecided about whether to ship as LTL or Truckload? Ask us about the Zip Xpress Reconfiguration/Optimization and Step Down programs. Average customer savings? More than 30 percent!

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Zip Xpress offers guaranteed Expedited Service one day less than our standard service.

In addition to this Expedited Service we may have the ability to deliver in less time depending on availability.

Please call for details and availability (800) 889-8583.
Zip Xpress Inc. is one of the few LTL carriers providing commercial LTL Blanket Wrap service to markets in the West Coast, Southwest, Southeast, New England and western Canada.

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Zip Xpress is consistently price-competitive and service-competitive with large LTL common carriers. We have positioned ourselves as a premium transportation provider that offers shippers a true partnership.

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As CEO of Zip Xpress Inc., I invite you to visit the website for Green Transportation Inc. There you will find a detailed overview of the connection between these two innovative shipping companies. In order to provide superior service to our customers, Green Transportation was created to complement Zip Xpress by offering a dedicated fleet service when needed. The immaculately maintained fleet (100-percent Air-Ride Equipped Logistic Trailers) is driven by fully trained, efficient, and dedicated Road Pilots who ensure with “white glove treatment” that all of your products are delivered safely and in a timely manner. You are our passenger on every trip, and we keep you safely buckled down.

Thank you for considering Zip Xpress and Green Transportation

--Dina McKnight, CEO

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