January 29, 2014
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Hello and welcome to a place where we can talk about what matters to you. Zip Xpress people will share some stories with you in this blog about the complex and fast-paced world of the transportation supply chain. We will try to keep things simple and straightforward whenever possible, because straight answers sometimes are hard to find in all the alphabet soup of industry abbreviations, acronyms and regulations.

Let’s get started with a sampler of some “Zip Xpress Messages” about this business and what we’re doing to modernize and appropriately scale shipping services to our customers.

The following is a selection of comments that company President Mike Dargis has published recently in a nationally distributed supply-chain publication:

On helping a company with its shipping costs:

“All of us, all the way up and down the line, are refusing to see that we’re sucking dollars right out of our customer’s pocket. How does it help anyone to ask some business to cough up $8,000 or so for a couple of high-value skids on an otherwise empty trailer? If we can help businesses with their profitability by fixing our shipping practices … why the heck don’t we? How does it save my drivers’ jobs to slowly bankrupt some small business or damage the bottom line of a bigger one?”

On “dead air” (and we’re not talking about silence on a radio here!):

“A growing number of customers large and small are confused about the inefficiencies they see among haulers. The customers wonder why they are paying to ship so much dead air along with their precious cargo. Aren’t there better options out there for incorporating loads to save the customer money? We should learn to save the obviously wasted fuel of trailerloads so under-optimized that they echo with empty space inside.”

On shipping with a sustainability mindset:

“The sustainability model of shipping options employed by Midwest-based Zip Xpress and its sister company Green Transportation Inc. is answering some big questions about waste, optimization, and customer care. Originating from its Michigan base, the company offers hauling options to most of the U.S. and western Canada, and a Zip Xpress West is opening soon in California to serve customers targeting the Midwest and eastern Canada.”

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